High Performance Computing

Maintenance and support of the facility

  • Ensuring the computing infrastructure is running 24/7
  • Installation and management of the operating system (GNU/Linux) in all machines of the scientific computing area
  • Installation and management of the cluster system for the scientific computing area
  • Scientific software installation, maintenance and upgrade
  • Management of the disk infrastructure of the scientific area
  • Management of the network infrastructure of the scientific equipment
  • Management of the backup infrastructure and data recovery strategy

Installation and management of diverse servers and services

(including but not limited to:)

  • Private and public webservers and services management and installation
  • Databases installation, management
  • FTP(S) services
  • Internal version control system (gitlab)
  • Monitoring tools for performance tuning and alerts
  • Queueing system (SGE)

System security (hardening, auditing, patching)

Advising bioinformaticians on computational tasks

  • High performance computing
  • Advise and help designing bioinformatics pipelines
  • Advice on hardware purchasing for bioinformatics

Open Access to Bioinformatics Portal

Open-access to tools developed by the IGTP

Maplab Tools (Methylation plotter, Alu ontology, wanderer, Chainy, TrukeTCGA 450k trackhub)

Islet Regulome

High Ferritin