The IGTP organizes the EATRIS Spain workshop, a meeting point for advances in translational research

- Campus Can Ruti

The workshop "Advances in Translational Research through EATRIS", organized by the IGTP took place this week and provided a space for researchers to discuss the role of EATRIS as a European infrastructure of translational research. 

The workshop demonstrated the capacities of EATRIS Europe, the Spanish node of EATRIS (EATRIS-ES) and the different platforms it includes. The meeting included the scientific directors of EATRIS-ES and EATRIS-EU and some of the members of the scientific advisory board and chairs of platforms.

Julia García-Prado, Scientific Director of the IGTP and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the EATRIS-ES and Pilar Gayoso, Deputy Director General of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III gave the opening talks. Toni Andreu, Scientific Director of EATRIS-EU, explained the advances and perspectives of the hub, in which 14 European countries participate, "the objective of the organization is to provide support to translational medicine, by which we mean the generation of products which will have a real impact on the health of patients," he explained. Laura Garcia Bermejo, Scientific Director of EATRIS-ES and Chair of the European Biomarkers Platform, outlined the advances and perspectives of this network at the Spanish level for the next years.

In the second part of the event, García-Prado and Marianne Köck, from the IGTP international project management team gave a view of EATRIS from the IGTP point of view. To close, Toni Andreu, Laura Garcia, Federico Rojo, Head of Molecular Pathology at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz and member of the EATRIS-ES Scientific Advisory Board, and Mireia Giménez, Head of International Projects at the IGTP joined in a round table.

"EATRIS is a key infrastructure for the internationalization of the IGTP; it allows us to leverage translational research and increase the opportunities for our researchers in Europe," explains García-Prado. "The consortiums ISIDORE and canSERV are two good examples of the strategic European projects in which IGTP is collaborating thanks to EATRIS."


EATRIS is the European infrastructure for translational medicine. We bring together resources and services for research communities to translate scientific discoveries into benefits for patients. EATRIS is what is known as an 'ERIC', which is a non-profit European Research Infrastructure Consortium. This specific legal form is designed to facilitate the joint establishment and operation of research infrastructures of European interest.

'EATRIS' has been the acronym of the European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine since the formation of the organisation in 2007. In November 2013, EATRIS became the first biomedical science infrastructure to receive European Research Infrastructure Consortium status, established by the European Commission.

Photo: Patricia Carvajal (Scientific Project Manager at EATRIS), Federico Rojo (Head of Molecular Pathology of Fundación Jimenez Diaz, member of EATRIS-Spain advisory board), Julia Garcia Prado (Scientific Director of IGTP, member of EATRIS-Spain advisory board), Laura Garcia-Bermejo (Co-chair of the EATRIS Biomarker platform and National Director of Spain) and Maria Ortega (EATRIS IGTP-coordinator).