The IGTP presents CARE Translational Program in Cancer Research

- Campus Can Ruti

CARE, the Translational Program in Cancer Research "is the first transversal program promoted by the Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP), and "it aims to become a bridge for researchers in the field of cancer who want to bring basic and clinical research together, so that the knowledge and the tools generated in the laboratory can benefit the patient" explained Dr Miguel Ángel Peinado (IGTP) and Dr Mireia Margelí (ICO Badalona - IGTP), Codirectors of the program, in the presentation that has taken place today in the events room of the Hospital Germans Trias.

CARE was born to unite researchers from all the institutions that belong to the Can Ruti Campus, who work in diverse fields, with different expertise, and can offer complementary skills. The program will create a unique and fruitful network between the researchers, with shared nodes of interest; it will also boost quality research and permit a better positioning of cancer research in all the Campus. "These synergies will favour a continuous and interdisciplinary work, encouraging interactions between the oncologists and basic researchers working in the Campus, which is a meeting point for some reference Catalan institutions in the field of biomedicine" explained Dr Eduard Serra, scientific coordinator of the program, "thus achieving a more translational and patient-oriented research".

The program addresses cancer research with the objective to improve knowledge transfer in technological developments regarding diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The research areas in which the program will focus are advanced therapies, new approaches for precision Oncology, and the development of advanced models.

The presentation event counted with Dr Jordi Barretina, Managing Director, and Dr Julia Garcia-Prado, Scientific Director, both from IGTP. Dr Margelí and Dr Serra were chairs of the discussion panel "Challenges in Cancer Traslational Research", which analysed the challenges of translational research with experts from several biomedical institutions: Dr Aleix Prat (IDIBAPS), Dr Enriqueta Felip (VHIO), Dr Anna Martinez (ICO Badalona - IGTP), and Dr Cinzia Lavarino (Hospital Sant Joan de Deu).

Afterwards, Dr Peinado and Dr Arola Fortian, Training Coordinator of the CARE program, were chairs in a short session with different emergent researchers from our and other biomedical campuses, and in which Dr Maria Saigí (ICO Badalona - B∙ARGO/IGTP), Dr Juan José Rojas (IDIBELL - UB), Dra Alena Gros (VHIO), and Dr Bernat Gel (IGTP) participated.

"The program with improve the quality of the research in this disease and its impact in clinical practice" explained the codirectors of the program in the closing ceremony, accompanied by Dr Garcia Prado. "CARE aims to contribute to the improvement of prevention and diagnosis of the disease and to the increase of healing rate and quality of life of these patients through research".